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Dan Rau on The Driller Podcasts: Growth Through Grit in Geothermal Drilling

Dan Rau Podcast

In episode 4 of Boring Conversations, Dan Rau, president and owner of Colorado Geothermal Drilling, discusses the slow but sustainable growth of Colorado Geothermal Drilling, even in the face of historic challenges. Being persistent lead Dan and his team on a path to being one of the prominent installers of geothermal in Colorado. Duration: 10 minutes

Colorado Geothermal Drilling Nominated for Business of the Year 2020

Colorado Geothermal Drilling Nominated as Business of the Year

December 16, 2020: Colorado Geothermal Drilling was proud to learn they were nominated for Business of the Year 2020 by the Brighton Chamber of Commerce. “With 2020 coming to a close, we are thankful to have such amazing clients, partners, and supporters and will continue to lead our team straightforward, unbroken, and unhindered to another …

Colorado Geothermal Drilling Finalist for 2020 Top Company Award

CEO Dan Rau’s engineering background and childhood on a Midwest dairy farm have made him passionate about building safer and more efficient equipment. That helps family-owned Colorado Geothermal Drilling install its cost-effective heating and cooling systems with less equipment and manpower. “Because of geothermal’s unique heating and cooling benefits, the industry is really growing,” says …

Dan and Kari Rau on Panel to Discuss Geothermal Possibilities in Colorado

Colorado Geothermal Drilling owners, Dan and Kari Rau, were recently invited to be on a panel to discuss Geothermal in Colorado. Colorado Senate Nominee, Sally Boccella hosted the round table event with guests including HEET Co-Founder Audrey Schulman, Gary Arnold with UA Pipefitters Local 208, Sydnie Lieb with Xcel Energy, and Colorado State Representative Brianna …

Style Magazine: Coming Home

Coming Home

If you get a chance to check out the November issue of Lydia’s STYLE magazine we have another geothermal system in a home featured in the article Coming Home. Check it out!