Our Services

Colorado Geothermal Drilling is the leading installation contractor for geothermal systems along the Front Range of Colorado. Family-run & operated, we’ve been serving both residential and commercial customers since 2005.

We have successfully completed over 600 geothermal installation projects throughout the Front Range, from new construction to retrofits of existing structures.

We Specialize in the Design and Installation of Geothermal Systems

From design to installation, we are a full-service contractor for all your geothermal needs.

We are dedicated to delivering the most energy-efficient systems with professional and qualified design and installation services, offering full customization of the systems to fit your requirements and budget.

CGD strives to do this by providing its clients with multiple services to fit their needs for efficient heating & cooling solutions. We also work with builders and HVAC contractors.


  • Geothermal system sizing
  • Geothermal system design
  • Economical analysis
  • Loop field installation and backfill
  • Loop field manifolded and brought into the mechanical room
  • Installation of pump pack and fusion of geothermal piping
  • Flush, purge, and filling of the geothermal system with a water solution

How We Do It

Colorado Geothermal Drilling operates a specially designed and customized drill mounted on a skid loader with tracks. Each piece of equipment has been tailored by CGD to meet our high-quality standards and to fully maximize the efficiency of our operations.

Our set-up is unique as we are able to access tight areas with our equipment. Because of this compact and efficient set-up, we are able to get into dense spots typically not accessible to other drilling companies, thus making geothermal a possibility for more people.

We specialize in providing vertical loop installations, typically drilling 200-400 foot boreholes. The number of boreholes to be drilled and loops installed is determined by performing a heat load calculation. This information provides the number of BTUs required to heat and cool the structure. After a heat load calculation is done, we can provide an economic analysis that shows the client how much they will save over the life of the system.


Our systems are tested multiple times throughout the installation process. All loops are pressurized before being buried and include a pressurized fail-safe.  The HDPE pipe used has a 50-year material warranty and we provide a 1-year workmanship warranty.

For more information please contact Dan Rau or Kari Rau. Call us at 303.903.7081 or fill out a contact form.

Colorado Geothermal Drilling is a member of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association and licensed to install geothermal loop fields by the State of Colorado.