Geothermal Benefits


Since geothermal is considered the most energy efficient heating and cooling system available by the EPA, homeowners can see reduced monthly heating and cooling bills. Propane and fuel customers can save hundreds on heating and cooling bills every year!

Peace of Mind

You will have peace of mind because there is no onsite burning of fossil fuels. Meaning there is no worries about carbon monoxide with geothermal because there is no combustion of harmful fuels making it the safest HVAC system available.

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Carbon Footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint because there are low greenhouse gas emissions.


Green technology recognized by LEED and can help you meet Zero Energy requirements.

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Super Quiet

Enjoy nature the way it was intended because there are no loud, ugly outdoor units impacting your beautiful yard or disturbing your neighbors!

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Minimal Maintenance

Minimal maintenance because geothermal systems have less maintenance costs when compared to conventional HVAC systems.

Tax Incentives

Geothermal tax credits, tax incentives, rebates, or low interest loans offered by the federal government, utility companies, and some municipalities for geothermal heating and cooling systems offer great financial incentives.

Safe And Secure

Secure and safe because all equipment is either indoor or is buried in the ground making it tamper proof, vandalism proof, and weatherproof, free from being impacted by hail, hurricanes, winds, or other natural weather disasters.

Super Reliable

Geothermal systems are considered one of the most reliable and have an average life expectancy of nearly 25 years.

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Clean Air

Enhanced comfort because it doesn’t dry out the air as much as a conventional system and isn’t relying on outside air to heat or cool.

The perks of having a geothermal system are abundant and now is a great time to get an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, eco-luxury geothermal system. If you are thinking about upgrading to a geothermal system, this puts you in an elite category of exceptionally smart homeowners. We like to call them Genius Geothermal Homeowners because they are not just looking to save money, they want to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and build sustainable, safe, efficient homes.

Two-thirds of the average home’s energy bills come from heating, cooling, and hot water. You are spending a lot of money to heat and cool your home and heat your hot water heater! Do you have the most efficient system installed? It is important to examine your current energy usage and determine ways to decrease it. After all, decreasing your overall energy usage saves you money and can help control the size of the renewable system you want to install.

Another great benefit of geothermal is it is clean, and you don’t even know it’s there! Clean, as in there is no onsite combustion of fossil fuels in your home! And invisible as in there is no loud, ugly, outside air conditioner ruining your outside aesthetics in the summer and inside, the heat pump is about the size of a furnace yet operates quietly and efficiently. So, you get quiet, comfortable, safe, efficient, environmentally-friendly heating and cooling because you are reducing your carbon footprint AND saving money. A geothermal heat pump can save you money because, for every unit of energy used to power the system, 3-5 units are supplied as heat. Whereas a fossil fuel furnace may be 78-90% efficient, a geothermal heat pump is about 400 percent efficient!

Your yard is a bank of energy heated by the sun!


For every 1 unit of energy, there are upward of 4 units of energy out of your yard equaling 400% efficiency!

Take Efficiency To The Next Level for Zero Energy Living

The concept of a ‘zero net energy’ or ‘net zero’ home brings energy efficiency up to the next level. Only using the energy you can produce is rapidly advancing the global housing market and decreasing our overall greenhouse gas emissions. Having an overall neutral or even positive energy impact not only helps your wallet but helps Mother Earth. Utilizing geothermal with solar isn’t an ‘either/or’ decision, these two renewable energies can work together to meet net-zero energy goals. With proper design and installation by highly skilled designers and contractors, there are huge advantages to this combination when making your future energy use decisions. Green design and living are the future of our global housing market with its impacts felt for years.

The combination of onsite energy generation and energy-efficient building design and appliances can significantly impact your utility bills and bring them to zero. A geothermal system is one of the best ways to help achieve net-zero status since two-thirds of the average home’s energy bills come from heating, cooling, and hot water heating. Keep in mind that a geothermal system does not create energy, it simply moves energy already stored in the ground. Zero energy homes are a win for the environment, the homeowner, and even your neighbors who will be breathing cleaner air thanks to your system not burning fuel.